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How to check your PF balance online

how to check your PF balance online

You can check your Employee Provident Fund (E.P.F) balance online, if you know your PF account number. But all PF offices do not support this facility and you can check the PF balance only if your PF office supports this facility. Also, if your company has a separate trust for EPF you won't be able to check it online at EPFO website.

Here is the procedure to check the PF balance online:

1. Go to

2. Select the state where your EPF office is located

3. Select your EPF office and the member balance information window will be displayed.

4. Enter your details in the member balance information. For example, if your PF number is KN/xxxxx/yyyyyy, KN indicates the state, xxxxx is the establishment code for your organization and yyyyyy is your PF number. Employee PF account number has five text boxes. The first two fields will be filled automatically and enter the remaining information as per the following steps.

a. Enter the xxxxx part of your PF number as the establishment code in the third text field.

b. Enter the extension number or fill it as 000 if there is no extension number in the fourth text field.

c. Enter the yyyyyy part of your PF account number in the fifth text field.

d. Enter your name as per EPFO records.

e. Enter your mobile number.

f. Read the terms and conditions and click agree if you are fine with it

g. Click Submit.

You PF balance information will be sent to you as SMS.

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